What does 100# 120#...mean for nail sanding bands?

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When using a nail sanding band,you will ask what does 80#,100#,120# ...stand for?Here are the answer below

Sanding bands are divided into different models according to the unit of particle (Grit). (Grit) represents the number of particles contained in each square inch area, which is its density. The more particles, the higher the density, and the larger the model. , The larger the size of the nail sand band, the softer it is; the lower the density, the smaller the size of the nail file, the rougher it is and the stronger the sharpening. In other words, the larger the number, the thinner the surface.

3 different levels of coarseness for nail sanding band

1.Fine sanding band

It is used to delicately roughen up the all-natural nail surface to create a great bond in between polymers an all-natural nails.

2.Medium sanding band

It is made use of to clean up the excess around the follicles, under the nails or around the suggestions after acrylic application.

3.Coarse sanding band

It is utilized to cut or reduce lengthy acrylic nails throughout fill-ins or new complete collections.