How Shoud I Use Nail File On Different Nail Shapes?

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Nail file is a paper file that trims the tip of the nail by cutting it. Usually one side has fine and soft particles (fine sand surface), and the other side has coarse and hard particles (coarse sand surface). The nail file should be held firmly with the thumb, index finger, and middle finger. The hand should be palm-shaped and the fingers should be bent. The nail to be filed should be placed on the nail file. Do not shake the tip of the nail. The nail tip should be filed in one direction from right to left or from left to right. When trimming both sides of the nail, keep the strength uniform from right to center and left to center. It is best not to file both sides of nails that are easy to break and crack after being stressed.

Square round nails

After filing the nail corners, the smooth rounded square formed is the most durable and durable shape, especially for people who like to have long nails or those who will pay attention to nails at work and those who are easy to break and crack. It is enough to trim the shape once a week on average. The slightly longer square shape with rounded corners has the effect of making the fingers look slender and makes the nail more eye-catching. The nail file rests on the nail at a 45° angle. File the corners of your nails so that the edges are smooth, round, and natural, and all nails must be trimmed to a consistent shape.

Square nails

For people who frequently operate computer keyboards or work with their fingertips, it is more appropriate to keep them in a short square shape. Because of this shape, the front end of the nail is more evenly stressed, so there is no need to worry about breaking or forming a gap easily. If the nails are left too long, the corners of the nails will be easily scratched, which is also the cause of inconvenience and other damages. Pay more attention to it. The nail file rests on the nail at a 90° angle. File from left to right with the left hand and from right to left with the right hand, filing in one direction.

Oval nails

The rounded oval is the most natural shape and can be used by anyone. In order to maintain this natural and beautiful shape, please don't forget to take care of the area around your nails and flat fingers, and trim the shape with a nail file at least once a week. The nail file rests on the nail at a 30° angle. File from both sides of the nail to the center, rounding the whole to make it form a soft circle, and the two sides are ground into an oval shape with the same angle.

Pointed nails

The nails are sharp and pointed, suitable for slender fingers. In order to make the hands look slender, the slender part of the fingertips should be slightly longer, but this is also a fragile weakness, but it is not suitable for frequent housework or hand work People. However, if you can keep this shape often, you can make your fingertips look slender and graceful. The nail file is placed under the nail at a 15° angle. Take the tip of the nail as the target, move the nail obliquely, and keep it symmetrical to the left. The grind on one side is thin. The intention is to use moderate force.