Nail tips or extened gel.Which one lasts longer?

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Nail tips or extended gel which lasts longer?

Extended gel last longer.Ordinary nail tips have a relatively short time and simple process,which is very tenacious in three weeks.In contrast,the process of extending gel is more complicated and much finer than the nail art.Therefore,the quality and durability of the extended manicure will be longer.You can also DIY nails by yourself,but to extend the nails, without certain skills and equipment of the nail shop,DIY by yourself is completely ineffective.

What is the difference between nail tips and extended gel?

First of all, let’s talk about nail tips..Simply put,it is to stick a piece of artificial nail on the original nail.There are full stickers and half stickers.Half stickers are more troublesome than full stickers, but the general price is the same,and then various Fancy sketching and coloring.The scientific name of the extension is "Gel nail art".For extension,it usually relies on the extension nail paper support and extension gel for plasticity.After the drying,the extension gel becomes a fake nail art according to the manicurist's craftsmanship.



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