How To Use Mini LED Nail Lamp?4 best steps

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4 Full Steps of Using Mini LED Nail Lamp

1.Use a slim layer of the Gel Polishes according to its use instructions to the clean, dry nail without touching the cuticle or skin along with the nails.

2.Utilize the suitable timer(press on/off as soon as for curing 45 seconds, lengthy press it 2 seconds for healing 60 seconds) according to your gel gloss's demands.

3.Please note that treating time vary based on gel gloss brand name.SUNmini is for all type of gel brightens only, except normal nail gel. Make sure that your gel works prior to acquisition. For the best outcomes, avoid relocating your hand too much until curing is finished.

4.If gel polish is a little sticky after curing, please wipe your nails with a mild cleanser or scrubing alcohol to do away with the sticky deposit left. Enjoy your gorgeous manicure or pedicure with SUN Mini nails dryer !

7 Benefits that you need to choose it

  • -Suitable for treating all sort of UV as well as LED nail gel polishes.
  • -6W 6 sturdy LED light grains, no need to change any kind of light bulb.
  • -UV/LED lamp cures finger nails or nails in several methods
  • -Closer white light shields your hands and eyes, avoiding injury from obsolete nail clothes dryer.
  • -2 Timer Setups: 45s, 60s
  • -Mini size ideal for travel and also company trip
  • -SUN's pleasant, easy-to-reach assistance.



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