How does LED nail lamp work?

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LED nail lamp,It is specially used for drying gel nail polish in the nail art process.And is mostly used in nail salons.There are two types of gel lamps:one is an ultraviolet lamp, the other is an LED lamp.The main peak wavelength of ultraviolet one=370nm (this wavelength is visible light, harmless to the eyes, but it is recommended not to look directly at the beads for a long time), but can have a good drying sterilization effect.

The principle of LED nail lamp

Utilize the principle that the light-effect coagulant in the gel polish will undergo a curing reaction under ultraviolet light. The lamp for the gel nail polish is actually an ultraviolet lamp. The wavelength of the ultraviolet lamp used by the nail lamp is generally 320-400nm, which belongs to the range of long-wave ultraviolet rays, which will not cause serious damage to the skin, but will cause the skin to tan and age.

Drying gel, the skin becomes thinner after exfoliation, if you don't apply sunscreen directly, it is more likely to cause skin aging. Therefore, although the short-term light therapy lamp is harmless, care and maintenance of the hands should also be paid attention to.


What is the Distinction Between an LED Light and UV Nail Light?

The difference in between an LED and also UV nail light is based upon the type of radiation the light bulb releases. Gel nail gloss contains photoinitiators, a chemical that needs direct UV wavelengths to be solidified or 'heal'. This process is called a 'photoreaction'. Both LED and also UV nail lamps produce UV wavelengths and also operate in the same way. UV lights give off a more comprehensive spectrum of wavelengths, while LED lights produce a narrower, more targeted number of wavelengths.

Scientific research aside, there are a number of vital differences in between LED and UV lamps for nail service technicians to be familiar with.

•LED lights typically set you back more than UV lamps

•Nevertheless, LED lights to tend to last much longer while UV lights often need bulbs changing

•LED lamps can heal gel polish faster than a UV light

•Not all gel polishes can be healed by an LED lamp

•You can likewise locate UV/LED nail lights on the marketplace-- these have both LED as well as UV bulbs, so you can switch over between what sort of gel polish you utilize.



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