How to choose a nail dryer UV LED lamp?

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Recently, many people like to do manicures for themselves at home, which not only saves money but also saves effort. Even many girls have no worse nail skills than professional manicurists! However,the nail art is different from our usual single-layer nail polish. It is best to use a special nail lamp for solidification. A high-quality and inexpensive LED nail lamps can be easily obtained, and there are even special portable nail lamps. Come and see how to choose!



The first point of buying a nail lamp is power, which is the intensity of the lamp.

Generally speaking, the stronger the light, the faster the nail will be dried. It is easy to get tired if you keep your hands in the same posture for a long time, so the faster you solidify, the better. However, it should be noted that a lamp with a large wattage consumes more power.

The mainstream LED nail art lamps on the market generally have a wattage of 36w, but there are not a few of them that are as high as 48w or more. There are also lamps with relatively weak lighting such as 10w that consume less power. It is recommended that you do it according to your preferences. select.

2.Portable or home use?

In fact, there are many portable nail lamps on the market, and some are as easy to carry around as a pen lamp, and most of them use batteries.

If you accidentally rub off the nail art while traveling, you can use a portable nail lamp to remedy it, but its wattage is relatively low. If you want to do the manicure on the whole hand, you need to not only solidify one by one, but also the speed may be It will be slower. The home nail lamp can solidify all nails at once, and the efficiency is relatively high. You can choose according to the purpose!

3.Drying UV gel or not?

What we will introduce to you this time is mainly LED nail lamps, but there are also UV (ultraviolet) nail lamps on the market that can be used with UV glue. UV nail glue needs UV light to solidify, so a nail lamp with two kinds of light at the same time will be very convenient to use.

The nail art lamp with LED and UV light can be used not only for nail art, but also for some popular UV glue accessories. Unless you usually only use the top oil that needs to be hardened by the LED lamp, it is more cost-effective for dual use

4.Price and brand

The price difference of nail art lamps is actually huge, the general nail art lamps are about $8, but there are also thousands of high-end products.

Low-cost nail lamps can actually create good results, but if you plan to become a professional manicurist in the future, or have high requirements in this regard, it is recommended to buy professional line products launched by large brands.

Now for us, nail art is no longer a high-end service that can only be made by professional nail shops. With the popularization of nail lamps and related products, more and more people are choosing to do their own nails at home. Doing a manicure for yourself at home during the weekend without work can even relieve stress and change your mood. Whether you are a manicurist who is in contact with manicure for the first time and looking for professional equipment, I hope this article can help you!