Nail painting tutorial

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The nails need a little decoration to be more attractive.If you feel that the nail patterns have no meaning,then hurry up and get a nail painting.

1.After repairing the nails neatly and cleanly, apply a layer of nail polish first to better protect the nails and at the same time make the nail polish more durable and bright.

2.After the nail polish is completely dry, apply a layer of milky white nail polish evenly,as the base color of the entire nail shape,pay attention to the uniform color of the technique!

3.Then dip your favorite nail polish color on the sponge in a layered manner.You can choose the color you like.It is best to make some changes.The colors should be slightly smudged and transition naturally.

4.After the nail polish is dry, use the transparent nail polish with glitter to color one side,so that the nail shape will shine more brightly.

5.No need to wait for the nail polish to dry completely,use the roller-type nail tool to lightly touch the purple and white nail polish on the nails, and move the nail polish away naturally, so that the color can be smudged more beautifully.

6.Take out the pointed tools, such as fine needles or toothpicks,and slide them on the nail polish, so that the nail shape can form a connection and blooming pattern. In the technique, you must move gently, and don't use too much force to cause the pattern to be unnatural.

7.Finally, wait for the nail polish to completely dry,and then apply a layer of bright oil to keep it shiny, and the more viscous the polish, the longer the drying time, the higher the gloss will be! The water-dyeing style of each nail can be freely patterned, not limited to the same pattern!

This is the end of the tutorial diagram of nail painting,so hurry up and give your nails a bit of painting. Have personality.



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