How long for nail polish remover to remove nail gel?

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How long does it take for nail polish remover to remove nail gel?

10 minutes.Use a nail file to rub off the seal on the nail surface; dip a little cotton in nail polish remover and cover the nail surface with nail remover clip for 10 minutes; remove the cotton and gently scrape the soaked nail polish on the surface of the nail with a fresh push Glue; if it is not scraped clean, use a nail file to gently rub it clean; use a nail buffer block to gently sand to make the entire nail surface smooth. Finally, use a nail file to make the entire nail surface shiny, and this step is complete.

The correct way to remove the nail gel.

1. Polishing. If it is a non-removable seal, you must first polish the seal on the nail surface with a sponge sand strip. If it is a removable seal, it can be polished or not. At present, most of the seals are removable. Non-removable and washable and wash-free are two different categories, and the wash-free seal layer is also divided into removable and non-removable.

2. Pack nail polish remover: pour the nail remover on the cotton sheet, and cover the cotton sheet completely on the surface of the nail. A little more nail remover will make it easier to remove. Take an appropriate amount of tin foil and wrap the cotton sheet on the nails. Pay attention to the seal and avoid air leakage. Cut the tin foil as large as possible to make it easier to pack tightly. Or you can directly pour the nail remover into a special container and put your fingers in it, but this will cause more damage. It is recommended to wrap it in tin foil.

3. Disassemble and remove after waiting. Wait for about 5-20 minutes. The time required for different nail polish glues is different. Soaking good nail polish glue for 5-10 minutes is enough. During this time, it is normal for the nail surface to have a slight burning sensation, and then peel off the tin foil. Remove the cotton sheet. At this time, you will find that the nail polish has been tilted up. Use a steel push to gently push the nail polish away. Be careful to gently, otherwise it will damage the nail surface. If there is a little residue on the nail surface, it is normal, and it will be cleaned with a sponge sand strip.

4. Polishing. Polish the nails with sponge sand strips and polishing strips. The polishing process starts with the thickest side, using the medium side, fine side, and thinnest side in order. Each side is polished on the nail surface to make the rough nail surface appear. A crystal luster. The nails will become thin during the polishing process, so you should polish them as little as possible.