Tips for daily maintenance of nails

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1.Do not use your fingernails to open the bottle cap or pull the opening clip. If you need to pull the development clip, you can use your fingers, and use a bottle opener to open the bottle cap.

2. When doing housework, please wear plastic gloves to avoid abrasion of hands and nails.

3. When the edge of the nail is broken, please apply two coats of nail polish and remember to trim it at any time.

4. Nail clippers and hand cream should be provided in the bedside table and desk at home for easy access at any time.

5. The discoloration of nails due to smoking or long-term use of dark three-color nail polish can be treated with lemon.

6. Wipe with half a fresh lemon every day, and continue to wipe for two weeks to remove stains.

If you think that short nails are convenient, but in some occasions, you want your nails to look longer and longer. You can apply the entire nail when applying the nail polish, leaving a little space on both sides. At the same time, the nail polish uses a tone similar to the skin tone, like dark Pink or gray-brown. To make the nail polish dry faster, you can put the fingers of Congbao nail polish in cold water, or use quick-drying nail polish. To prevent the edge of the nail from breaking, use transparent nail paint on the underside of the edge of the nail, and then trim it every other day.



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