Skill of cutting cuticle

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After reading this article, you will get:

1.The necessary tool for cuticle

2.The basic steps of cutting cuticle

3.What are the particularities in the gestures and cutting movements of cutting cuticle and holding tools?

4.How to cut cuticle to be safe and clean

Whether the nail art is done well is not only affected by the manicurist's monochromatic painting technique, but also closely related to the pre-manicure work. Only manicure, cut cuticle and other links can not be neglected to ensure the final nail art effect.

Tip 1:Index finger does not touch the cuticle pusher

The cuticle itself is very thin, and it is closely attached to the skin of the finger edge, so you must be careful when pushing the cuticle and grasp the strength of the push.

Normally, our hand strength is not small, and the tip of the steel pusher is relatively sharp. If you hold the steel pusher in a posture like holding a pen, your thumb, index and middle fingers are both pinching the steel pusher, it is easy to exert too much force and cause customer pain, even It is possible to cause bleeding.

After removing the index finger from the steel pusher, you will find that the thumb and middle finger pinching the steel push is actually not good for exerting force. At this time, push the cuticle action again, the strength is very suitable, and there will be no pain in the guests.

Tip 2: Grasp the angle of cuticle pusher

After learning how to hold the steel pusher, you must grasp the angle of the steel pusher. If the angle between the steel pusher and the nail surface is too small, the sharp blade of the steel pusher may hurt the skin of the finger edge during the pushing process; if the angle is too large and there is no strength, there will be no effect.

What kind of angle is appropriate? The answer is 45 degrees. This is really a commonly used number. You will remember it. Looking up at the sky at 45 degrees is a common posture in literary and artistic photos. The 45-degree side face is also the most three-dimensional camera angle for a human face.

Keep the angle between the steel pusher and the nail surface at about 45 degrees, which can not only have a good cleaning effect of pushing up dead skin, but also relatively safe, even if it is used with a little force, it will not hurt the skin.

Tip 3:Hold the cuticle scissors in the backhand

First, when you hold the cuticle in the backhand, you will have a wider field of vision and will not be covered by your fingers. The knife head is cutting; ;; When holding the cuticle scissors in the backhand, let the scissors and scissors be supported by your hand. In this way, even if the customer’s movements are a little larger, they cannot control the cuticle scissors in time. When you first hold the cuticle scissors with your backhand, you will have a wider field of vision and will not be covered by your own fingers. Positive height; so that the entire scissors are supported by your hands, so that even if the movement range becomes a little larger, you can't control the scissors in time, and will not hurt customers.

Tip 4:Hold your left finger against the scissors head

When the right hand is awkwardly and tortuously operating the cuticle scissors, the left hand can't be free.

The thumb and index finger of the manicurist’s left hand should be used to fix the guests’ fingers to prevent the guests from making large movements; the middle finger is used to hold the knife head and let the cuticle scissors have a fulcrum during the operation. You can stop the hand movements so as not to cut the customer.

It may be very awkward or even messy when you first operate it, but the safety of the guests is the first thing. Practice makes perfect.



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